Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Purex Crystals for baby

I've been a stay-at-home mom for 11 years!!! A long time ago when I had my first child, I used only Dreft detergent to wash all of my babies clothes. As they grew older I transitioned to using All free clear detergent. At the time we lived in Colorado where my kids experienced really dry skin and spells of eczema in the wintertime. I never used any type of fabric softener or even a dryer sheet. Unfortunately this meant that all of my laundry was "scent-free".....

Many times I've been over at a friend's house for a playdate and noticed the wonderful smell of fresh laundry going in the washing machine. While we lived in base housing (at Keesler AFB) we shared carports with another family next door. Almost daily I would be able to smell the scents of lavender & fresh soap coming from her house. She always used the name brand detergents that were heavily scented. I always wished my "laundry day" smelled just as good!  Yet I was willing to sacrifice the heavenly scents for the health of my kids skin.

So of course I was thrilled when I came across the Purex Crystals while shopping at Wal-Mart one day.  I immediately grabbed the Purex Crystals for baby and noticed that it is hypoallergenic, dye free and contains a "Natural Formula".  It also states it is safe for children's sleepwear. You simply add a cup-full (or less) to each load of clothes before you start the wash. Most important of all.....I loved the clean floral scent with a hint of baby powder!!!

I've also tried the Purex Crystals in Lavender Blossom....which smells wonderful....as you can tell by the empty bottle pictured below! Other scents that I haven't bought yet are "Fresh Spring Water" and "Tropical Splash".  

Purex crystals for baby has such a fresh fantastic scent!! It does not affect my children's skin and is so easy to add to the washing machine (along with whatever detergent you regularly use).  Please let me know if you try it and if you have your own favorite laundry scents!!! 

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