Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dill Ranch Crackers

 For many years I've made (and loved) the well-known dill weed oyster crackers snack. The oyster cracker recipe typically involves mixing the crackers with seasoning/oil and then baking it in the oven. When I came across this recipe I thought it was interesting that the crackers simply marinated with the seasoning overnight. 

This version is so easy to throw together with other a few ingredients! I used a whisk to combine the oil, ranch dressing and dill week in a glass measuring cup. I also divided the seasoned crackers into two (1 gallon) ziplock bags.

Dill Ranch Crackers
from Eat & Explore Oklahoma cookbook

1 package dry ranch dressing mix
4 tablespoons dill weed
1 1/3 cups Canola oil
1 box (4 sleeves) saltine crackers

Empty crackers in 2-gallon ziplock bag. Mix oil, dry dressing mix and dill weed thoroughly. Pour over crackers.  Seal bag.  Turn and toss to coat crackers.  Let stand 12 hours; turning periodically. Remove crackers from bag and place in dry container for storage.  

These dill ranch crackers are addictive!!! You can not stop at just one. The tasty dill flavor develops the longer the crackers marinate. It is the perfect snack for adults and kids....not just around the holidays but anytime of the year.  This recipe can be made with saltine crackers, bite-sized oyster crackers or even with pretzels.  It would also be a quick hostess gift to package in a cute container during the busy holidays. Thankfully it is super easy to make because these do not last long!

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